NexBotix: Identify. Automate. Innovate.

Next Generation Process Automation

Introducing NexBotix

The next generation intelligent process automation platform that will identify, automate and evolve your business processes, to future proof your workforce.

NexBotix identifies high volume, repeatable processes that are currently performed by humans, and creates intelligent automated processes that allow them to be performed, unattended, by software robots. 

The platform is software as a service and uses automation and AI machine learning to deliver a smarter way of working.  It will enable you to operate more efficiently, scale according to your needs, maximise human output and time, whilst driving down cost.   

NexBotix also provides real time process analysis and performance data through NexAnalytics, our process analysis dashboard, making it easy to manage and make decisions.


Work Smarter & Faster

Identify what, where, and when to automate

Reduce processing times and error rates, increase efficiency and accuracy

Identify quantifiable benefits with ROI modelling 


Automate the mundane

Intelligently automate high volume, repetitive, mundane processes

Standardise and streamline key processes

Reallocate resource to high value tasks


Drive Excellence

Real time transparent process data analytics and monitoring

Simplified scaling and adoption across the Enterprise

Upscale to full intelligent process automation with next generation machine learning

See how you can benefit from NexBotix with our ROI calculator.

NexBotix can be up and running, 24×7, in as little as seven days – delivering continuous operations significantly faster than humans and with zero errors.


month ROI


more efficient


cost savings

Our goal is simple

To future proof your workforce and deliver added value and business innovation through intelligent process automation.

Firstly, we’ll investigate and assess your processes to find the prime candidates for automation.

We’ll then build a tailored business case, which will include a Proof of Value with business engagement, buy in, and develop an ROI model specific to your business.

We’ll cross-check these candidates with our comprehensive process library, to identify where we can plug in our pre-defined processes and workflows - saving you potential development costs.

We’ll take the automation candidates all the way to build, test and deployment – using our ‘best-in-class’ methods and practices to deliver them.

When ready, we’ll upload your automations to our SaaS platform, where they can be integrated with machine learning, artificial intelligence and lots more, to empower and enhance them for the future.

Our SaaS platform offers complete data and environment segregation from client to client, meaning your data is kept completely safe, separate and secure.

When your automation is uploaded and ready, you can use the NexBotix portal to schedule, run and monitor your processes.

Files created and handled by the robot can be stored directly on the portal, allowing quick and easy retrieval of process-specific documents and reports.

The NexBotix portal also has a fully-featured dashboard suite (NexAnalytics) providing robot-specific charts and graphs to easily keep a track of your digital workforce.

NexAnalytics also has the capability to produce process-specific MI reports and charts for your automations. Say goodbye to muddling with Excel – these stats and volumes are calculated and generated by the NexBots in real-time.

Where NexBotix Can Help

NexBotix has a portfolio of predefined, plug and play solutions that intelligently automate processes and workflows across business functions. Alternatively we can create a bespoke solution tailored to a specific business situation and requirement.

Whether you operate your own on-premise or cloud-based applications, or third-party SaaS solutions, NexBotix integrates seamlessly.

Joiners, Leavers




Password Reset

Batch Processing



Sales Order

Accounts Payable


Procure to Pay


Supply Management

Freight Management

Contract Management

New Order

Customer Input

Price Comparison


With either option, NexBotix guarantee to identify, automate and evolve your business processes and future proof your workforce whilst providing you with real time, outcome based data and reporting, through our NexAnalytics Portal.


See how NexBotix can transform your processes - request a demonstration using our chat function.