The Custodian

Protecting your business and taking care of your Shared Services functions. 

What tasks can The Custodian automate?

New Starter Onboarding
Leavers Offboarding
Payroll Processing
Timesheets Processing
Customer Support
Purchase & Sales Orders
Sales Opportunity Management
Management Reporting
Marketing Campaigns
HR Support Chatbot

The Custodian is great at running processes in HR, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and even Finance.

Think of the Custodian as a digital member of the Shared Services Team.

Ready to process those repetitive manual tasks that get in the way of your skilled team doing their important and enjoyable work.

Streamline your employee onboarding process to deliver a premium experience for new joiners.

Equally, ensure that all critical tasks are completed efficiently and on time for any 'movers' or 'leavers'.

Customer Support Teams: let our bots take care of FAQ's, high-volume minor requests so that your team can focus on the more complex requests and, most importantly, relationship building.

Finance Teams: free-up your skilled resources during critical periods (month, quarter and year-end) by automating data-heavy, reconciliation activities. Allow your team to focus on resolving anomalies and closing accounts.

What teams can use The Custodian?

Finance Teams

HR Teams

Customer Service & Support Teams

Sales & Marketing

Procurement Teams

Check out this case study to discover how The Custodian can help.

Our bots are your teams’ new best friends. Book a demo to find out more.
Insurance Case Study
Insurance firm delighted with Employee Onboarding and Offboarding automation solutions….