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Our Offering

We combine software and service to provide our clients with the tools to succeed with automation.


We’ll learn about your current processes and design a solution where our NexBots can complete some of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks your team are currently doing.

NexBotix Platform

Our management platform gives you everything you need to manage your automations, including data and insights, reviewing the extracted data and approving the NexBots’ work in real time.

Automation Experts

No need for your own developers or consultants. Our team manages your entire journey, from start to scaling, alongside the NexBotix platform.


Product Capabilities

NexBotix enables our clients to drive operational efficiencies, maximise ROI, and gain valuable strategic and operational insights with scalable Intelligent Automation software solutions.


Intelligent Automation

Holistic solutions combining RPA, OCR, NLU and ML to automate any task – document data extraction, data analysis, posting and moving data between systems, and more.

Human Led,
Tech Powered

You define the business rules and actions executed by the NexBot, then intervene for critical decision-making and resolution.


Coordinate tasks and approvals within an end-to-end process to achieve faster outcomes & results.


Our platform is a one-stop-shop for NexBot insights and tasks related to an organisation’s processes.

Bot-human Collaboration

Allow skilled human workers to deal only with exceptions and complex problems in a centralised Hub workspace.


NexBotix’s RPA bot software for process development, managed via an intuitive web-based platform.

Visibility &

Access analytics on your automated business processes and workflows, and monitor ROI and time savings affecting the bottom line.

NexBotix Software

What’s included in our software offering?


Tools to get you started

Demo Videos – access to demo videos of other process automations for you to pick those best suited to your business.

Pre-built components – these allow for easy integration with major vendors (SAP, NetSuite, Sage, Xero etc).

Standardised retrieval of data at source (e.g., mailboxes, filing systems etc) and pre-built OCR modules for data extraction from many different document types.

Discovery workshop – this ensures we have a deep understanding of your current process.


Tools to achieve your goals

Automation Hub – a single aggregated platform for the management of all your automation solutions.

Action Manager – manage business exceptions and send bot jobs to different workflows.

Process History – a full audit trail of every automated process actioned by a NexBot.

Analytics and Insights – access to key performance metrics and ROI stats in real time, ensuring you generate the expected benefits.



On hand whenever you need us

Operations Centre – all customer automations are monitored and managed pro-actively by the NexBotix team, ensuring continued process throughput.

Centre of Excellence – analysts, consultants, developers, project managers and customer success managers ready to support you at any time.

Customer Support function & Help Centre – for any support you may need with live running automations.





Our Services

One of the key differentiators that an Intelligent Automation company can offer is the depth and quality of its Professional Services.

Professional Services Capability

NexBotix truly stands apart in this area, with an exceptional team of experts, on-hand to guide you through every aspect of the project delivery and ongoing support.

Each customer project and ongoing Managed Service will become part of the NexBotix Automation Centre of Excellence.

Whether you create and manage your own automations, utilise the NexBotix fully Managed Service, or have a hybrid between the two, we’re here to support you.

Our Standard Delivery Methodology
Project Kick-off
Ensuring that all stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts are fully briefed on the Project Plan, Deliverables & Milestones.
Project Kick-off
Process Discovery
Deep insights into the manual process, mapping steps, logic and exceptions. Identifying source and target documents and systems.
Process Discovery
Solution Design
Creating the design of the automation flow;
re-engineering the process where applicable to allow the bot to expedite outcomes.
Solution Design
Process Build & Test
An MVP and sprint based agile development lifecycle, keeping the customer informed of progress at regular touchpoints.
Process Build & Test
Live - Early Life Support
Once UAT is complete, the process is set to run live, with gradual increases in volume. Early Life Support from the NexBotix team provides delivery assurance.
Live - Early Life Support
Hybrid or Full Managed Service
The NexBotix team will fully monitor and manage the in-life processes to ensure consistency and quality of output. Our CoE are at hand for design, build, test, training, support and more.
Hybrid or Full Managed Service

What can you automate with NexBotix?

Our software bots can automate individual tasks or entire end-to-end processes.



Our Partners

Alongside our own technology, NexBotix has partnered with the leading global
RPA & AI vendors,
to create a broad eco-system of capability.

As part of our engagement, we’ll discuss your requirements and match them to the most reliable and cost-effective automation technology in the industry. 

Alongside our RPA Partners, we also have integrations with a large number of major Independent Software Vendor (ISV) systems, allowing customers to automate processes across multiple systems to gain maximum benefit.

RPA Partners

We can run vendor evaluations, technology validations, Proof of Value engagements  and competitive negotiations on your behalf. 

Our team are accredited in all major vendor technologies, giving you peace of mind in delivery of high-quality automation deployments.

ISV Integrations

We’ve delivered automations into a wide range of complex systems, and as a result have become specialists in negotiating tricky integrations.

Integrating via APIs or using User Interface (UI) Automation with our software bots, we have complete flexibility to search, find, extract, match and post data for any business need. Laborious data entry and matching tasks are taken care of by our software and bots.