The Roadster

The NexBot specifically focused on streamlining and automating processes for the Automotive industry.  

What tasks can The Roadster automate?

Payment & Invoice Processing
Parts Management & Invoicing
Vehicle Finance Processing
Vehicle Bonus Administration
Service Plan Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation
Service Pack Administration

Meet The Roadster, the Automotive Industry expert.

The majority of organisations in this sector use the same dealer management system to manage their finance and other vehicle related processes. The Roadster is an expert in dealer management systems, seamlessly checking, amending, validating and updating vehicle data.

Whether this is sales, repairs, customer service or parts management, the Roadster is on-hand to reduce your workload and drive efficiencies across your teams.

The Roadster's capabilities are vast, be it processing vehicle consignments, de-consignments or invoices, or performing more complex processes such as organising parts and labour for vehicles with the engineering teams.

The Roadster can also deliver many of your reporting needs in a fraction of the current manual time, calculating bonuses, discounts, audit tasks and more.

What teams can use The Roadster?

Automotive Industry

Check out this case study to discover how The Roadster can help.

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Automotive Case Study
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