The Duplicator

Never repeat your data entry tasks again thanks to The Duplicator.

What tasks can Duplicator automate?

Duplicating internal orders onto external supplier portals
Managing data in multiple ledgers in finance systems
Receiving orders on email and entering into internal systems
Copying and pasting information from any source to any destination

Never repeat your data entry tasks again thanks to The Duplicator.


Do you have teams that have to enter the same data into two different systems? Or even replicate the same data into different parts of the same system? Human error ensues, and boredom overtakes. We’re sure you can make better use of your valuable employees.

Maybe your Sales Team takes data from an online portal and posts it into the CRM system, or your Customer Support function reconciles data from one system with another to ensure customer data is properly maintained. These are critical - but arduous - tasks for a skilled team that could be focusing on generating revenue for the business or delivering a premium service to your customers. Let our bot, The Duplicator handle this.

What teams can use The Duplicator?

Finance Teams

HR Teams

IT Teams

Sales & Marketing

Customer Service & Support Teams

Purchasing Teams

Check out this case study to discover how The Custodian can help.

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