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Eliminate business process inefficiency with Automation and AI.

Back-office inefficiency

Increased demand for housing, more stringent consumer and data regulations, and a challenging economic climate, means many Housing Associations are experiencing a huge strain within the back office.

Managing critical back-office business processes such as Invoicing or Lettings, is complex and reliant on identifying, extracting and processing the required data in multiple formats, at scale. When completed manually, these processes are time-consuming and resource hungry, often resulting in process lag, backlogs of work and high processing costs.

There is another option.

NexBotix will optimise your business processes to make them work better and cost less, by automating the repetitive elements.

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Eliminate Errors

Remove bottle necks,
errors and process lag and improve accuracy and efficiency.

Improve Efficiency

Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks and processes, and create more time for your people.

Reduce Cost

Reduce the time it takes to perform a process, while increasing the overall throughput.

” Automating the business process around invoicing reduces the wastage of our talented resources and allows us to redirect the team and their time to more efficient tasks.”

Poplar HARCA

- Peter Marcus, Assistant Director of Transformation

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So how does it work?

Let us explain how we work with our customers from start to finish. Objective to outcome. End to end:


We conduct an initial discovery to identify which of your processes are best for automation. We uncover the hidden gems in your daily grind.


Once we’ve identified areas of opportunity, we then provide the best software. We’ll even recommend others’ products if we think they’re more likely to unlock your potential.


We deploy and run the chosen solution(s) if you need us to. We offer an ongoing managed service to take care of your processes and ensure you achieve outcomes.

error reduction
straight through
reduction in
processing time
months ROI

Automation in action

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Poplar HARCA find a more efficient way of processing their invoices using automation.

““As the finance team now have more time, they’re able to speak with the contractors and get any issues sorted quickly. Work satisfaction is also much higher as not only is the backlog reduced but the team spend much less time doing repetitive data work.” 

Poplar HARCA

- Peter Marcus, Assistant Director of Transformation

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How it works

At Nexbotix, we offer best-in-class software and services.

Advanced data analysis, with simple dashboards. Complete solutions, with pay-as-you-go finance models. We have the expertise to apply AI and cutting-edge technology – but we’re much more than just intelligent software.

From initial discovery, to tailored software, deployment and ongoing management, we’re with you from end-to-end. Close by your side to support your teams and run your processes. We’re the trusted advisor you can talk to. The safe pair of hands you can turn to. But that doesn’t mean we’re dull – far from it.

We’re here to make things better. We make things simpler. And we always go the extra mile to bring more value. We might automate business processes, but there’s nothing robotic about our approach. Accessible, available and aligned with your needs, we’re easy to do business with.


At NexBotix we’ve developed a number of packages designed to help you start your automation journey.

Whether you want to focus on making your invoice processing more efficient or want to look at automating new client onboarding, we can help.

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Housing Association Sector Offer

FREE Process Discovery Workshop:

Fixed Price Packages:

Packages 8:

£52,000 pa


100,000 transactions of any kind

Packages 7:

£ 40,000 pa


Sector Use Case for up to 50,000

Package 6:

£ 58,000 pa


Invoice Processing Solution for up to 100,000 invoices

Package 5:

£ 45,000 pa


Invoice Processing Solution for up to 48,000 invoices

Package 4:

£ 35,000 pa


Invoice Processing Solution for up to 24,000 invoices

Package 3:

£ 8,000


10 x Process Discovery

Package 2:

£ 4,500


5 x Process Discovery

Package 1:

£ 3,000


3 x Process Discovery

Discovery Workshop