The Extractor

No document is too large or small for this clever NexBot.

What tasks can The Extractor automate?

Data Extraction using OCR from any document format
Chatbot Interaction
Email Categorisation & Routing
Machine Learning for Enhanced Data Accuracy
Document Analysis
Keyword Identification

The Extractor can get thousands of data points from all document types, so your team doesn’t have to!

The Extractor can export the data into a format of your choice (e.g. Excel), but it can also assess and validate the data found in documents against the business rules and route/process accordingly into downstream systems.

This might be checking that the data in a document matches to the records you have on file, within a database or system, cross-check the data between documents, or update existing databases with up-to-date information received. Whatever your document-based needs are, The Extractor is your bot.

In addition, it has Natural Language Understanding skills, meaning it can read incoming emails or chat messages, interpret their content and take automated actions as a result.

A multifaceted bot, The Extractor can be used by Finance, IT, HR, Shared Services and Sales Teams to get key data from your documents, before then passing it to the next Bot for downstream processing.

What teams can use The Extractor?

Finance Teams

HR Teams

Sales Teams

IT Teams

Shared Services Teams

Check out this case study to discover how The Extractor can help.

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