What is RPA?

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The term Robotic Process Automation was coined in the early 2000s but it had been developing for several years prior to that point. Starting from simple screen scraping automation in the 1990s, to workflow automation, and finally gaining recording and scripting capabilities. Today companies are adopting RPA differently, looking to automate business processes and data flows between legacy applications without the complex IT projects or high costs and investment.

RPA, (Robotic Process Automation) is the automation of manual desktop processes using software robots that perform repetitive tasks by imitating or integrating human activities. It enables you to configure software bot to emulate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a step in a business process.

Put simply, RPA can configure any high-volume, business-rules and repeatable processes like moving files and folders, copying, and pasting data, filling in forms, or scraping web browsers.

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