The Collaborator

This clever NexBot transforms tasks and workflows by providing bot-human collaboration.  

What tasks can The Collaborator automate?

Business Exception Management
Approval Chains
Workflow Task Management
Human Decision Interventions

Many processes need the input from a Subject Matter Expert in your team, and The Collaborator allows just that.

When a decision point is reached that needs a cognitive human decision, or an approval or other intervention, The Collaborator will raise a task in the NexBotix Action Manager. From here the user can make a decision which then allows the Collaborator to execute the remainder of the process, fully automated.

Whether you need a complete digitisation of how data is passed between teams / departments for the relevant approvals, or you need to implement a more robust way of routing items between human teams and an automated process, The Collaborator is the solution.

What teams can use The Collaborator?

Finance Teams

HR Teams

IT Teams

Sales Teams

Customer Service Teams

Purchasing & Operations Teams

Check out this case study to discover how The Collaborator can help.

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