Product Capabilities

NexBotix enables our clients to drive operational efficiencies, maximize ROI, and gain valuable strategic and operational insights with scalable Intelligent Automation software solutions.

Holistic solutions combining RPA, OCR, NLU and ML to automate any task – document data extraction, data analysis, posting & moving data between systems and more.

You define the business rules & actions executed by the bot, then intervene for critical decision-making & resolution.

Coordinate tasks and approvals within an end-to-end process to achieve faster outcomes & results.

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The Platform is a one-stop-shop for bot insights and tasks related to an organization’s processes

Allow skilled human workers to deal only with exceptions and complex problems in a centralised Hub workspace.

NexBotix RPA bot Software for process development, managed via an intuitive web-based Platform.

Access analytics on your automated business processes and workflows, and monitor ROI and time savings affecting the bottom line.