NexBotix Gender Equality

5 Gender Equality

We are committed to addressing the stigma associated with ‘Tech Industries’ and the availability of opportunities for non-male candidates.

We care deeply about our impact on society and believe a commitment to engaging, educating, and listening to our prospective Female candidates will have a significant impact.



  • We will conduct one annual seminar every year on ‘Women in Tech’ via a Higher Education partner.
  • We will produce a quarterly article promoting the emerging tech space to our Female audience.
  • By 2025 we will guarantee an annual contribution of £1,250 to Gender Equality initiatives and charities.
  • By 2025 we will see a 25% increase in the number of Female applicants we receive for open positions



We have booked our first seminar at a higher education partner this summer, to speak to female post-graduate students about ‘Women in Tech’.

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