Good Health and Well-being

3 Good Health and Well-being

We are committed to promoting good physical and mental well-being for our employees and our customers.

As Intelligent Automation specialists, part of our mission is to improve the landscape of global labour by eliminating low cognitive input tasks, augmenting jobs into more creative, industrious, and strategic positions.

To ensure a beneficial impact on society, we will keep physical and mental well-being as a core focus of our strategic engagements.



We will invest £2000 per year for each employee into mental health initiatives such as ‘wellness days’.

A ‘wellness day’ is a free day off work where employees are encouraged to focus on their physical and mental well-being. These will occur once every 3 weeks for all employees.

By 2024 100% of our employees will have received training to identify and address issues related to mental health.

We will provide additional free consultancy to clients to ensure that we are positively impacting the mental-wellbeing of our customers’ employees.

By 2025, we will secure surveys and testimonials from 80% of our client base to evaluate our impacts on the mental health of their staff.



NexBotix has now implemented a ‘Wellness Day Off’ scheme, where every 3 weeks all employees are given a day off to focus on their physical and mental well-being.

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