NexBotix Partners with Softcat to Deliver Intelligent Automation

NexBotix partners with

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We are pleased to announce that NexBotix has now partnered with Softcat, the leading IT solutions provider in the UK. Through this partnership, NexBotix and Softcat are working together to deliver an all-in-one business process automation solution.

NexBotix and Softcat are working together to provide cutting edge automation solutions to customers across industries, including finance, legal, insurance, pensions, manufacturing, automotive, housing, retail and local government.

NexBotix’s CEO, Chris Porter, said:

“Our focus at NexBotix is to make automation technology accessible, affordable and easy to implement for businesses of any size, this is what sets us apart from our peers within the sector and guides everything we do as a company. We’re thrilled with this partnership, and believe it will help us continue building our brand and reaching new customers with our unique offering.”

The ‘plug, play, and managed’ element of NexBotix technology means that there’s minimal disruption to existing operations, and with no-code to manage it doesn’t require users to be tech-savvy to operate it.

Chris added ‘With NexBotix’s flexible Pay As You Go pricing model, our customers only pay for the automation technology as they use it, allowing them to see ROI within six-to-nine months; though in some cases, we’ve seen this happen within as little as a few weeks’.

NexBotix’s platform is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and uses AI and machine learning. It also provides real-time process analysis and performance data through NexAnalytics.

Softcat is the UK’s leading provider of IT solutions and services, and partners with world-class vendors to deliver innovative solutions.

When asked about this recent partnership, Josh Winters, Content Management and Automation Specialist at Sofctcat said:

“At Softcat, we look for pioneering solutions that empower businesses, which is why we are very excited to welcome NexBotix as a partner. We have been working in the RPA space for the last 3 years and NexBotix’s unique offering means that customers can quickly deploy automation technology that helps businesses automate individual tasks or entire end-to-end processes.” 

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