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Meet Gemma Foxall, Automation Consultant

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Meet Gemma Foxall, automation consultant at NexBotix. Gemma supports our clients throughout their automation journey, she identifies, assesses and measures an organisation’s capabilities and lends these skills to the design and implementation phases of a project.

Where were you before NexBotix?

I’ve worked in the IT industry for approximately six years now with experience spanning account management, business development, consultancy and project management. Prior to joining NexBotix I worked at a Cyber Security Consultancy firm as a consultant, also carrying out project management and coordination activities and overseeing the Delivery Management Office. I was involved in a variety of projects, many of which involved the assessment of a customer’s policies and processes against specific industry standards or requirements. A core objective in projects like this was to help clients to drive positive change and operational improvements across the business whilst ensuring they met their regulatory, compliance and information security obligations. There are many synergies with this and my role here at NexBotix as I work with our customers to identify processes that are ideal candidates for automation, understand their business challenges and support them on their journey to drive operational efficiencies. 

Why did you join the NexBotix team?

When I joined NexBotix, it was 1 month after its official inception and I was employee number 4 – the prospect of being with an organisation from such an early stage in their journey and playing a key role in their growth and success was really exciting to me! In addition, out of all the emerging technologies (including IoT, AI and Data Analytics), RPA has been recognised as the fastest-growing section of the enterprise software solution market and I wanted to be a part of this exciting, relevant and evolving industry. Also, it’s clear to me that NexBotix is offering something entirely unique, addressing key marketplace challenges and delivering true value to its customers which is important and something I look for in a company. 

What excites you most about IA-as-a-service solution?

Intelligent Automation-as-a-Service (IAaaS) is exciting because it’s now making RPA, and other, technologies accessible to organisations of all sizes. Traditionally, RPA was a solution that large corporates could benefit from, however with the introduction of IAaaS we’re seeing organisations from all sectors and of all sizes being able to leverage the infrastructure, skills and services of partners like ourselves at NexBotix to drive positive change and improvements. With many organisations continuing to adopt a cloud-first approach, RPAaaS is enabling organisations to benefit even more from cloud flexibility, features and capabilities. 

Favourite thing about working at NexBotix?

The people! I am in the very fortunate position of being surrounded by a team that is dedicated, passionate and innovative with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. It really does make a difference and I believe this truly resonates with our clients and prospects who are looking to find a technology partner that they can trust to tirelessly support and guide them on their journey. 

Where do you see the IA market in the next 5 years?

The IA market will continue to evolve and will be accelerated by the needs and demands of organisations as they strive to improve how they work, achieve greater efficiencies and accuracy, and ‘straight-through’ processing. In the next five years, we will begin to see strong use-cases for Hyperautomation and Intelligent Automation as vendors and end-user organisations alike begin to recognise the importance of technologies working in harmony to automate, optimise and improve the way we do business.  

What is the unique skill you bring to the NexBotix team?

I bring to NexBotix strong analytical and problem-solving skills; it’s important for consultants in our field to be very detail-oriented, with the ability to identify, assess, manage and measure an organisation’s capabilities and lend these skills to the design and implementation phases of a project.

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