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Meet Ann-Marie Rossiter, Head of Marketing

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Ann-Marie Rossiter is the Head of Marketing at NexBotix, responsible for growing our brand, attracting new customers, managing our wide variety of marketing channels and building our profile within the Intelligent Automation industry.

Where were you before NexBotix?

I’ve spent my career so far working in high-growth technology scale-ups and before NexBotix I spent 5 years at an event-tech startup as the Head of Marketing UK and Ireland. As part of the founding team back in 2015, it was extremely exciting building our brand, our portfolio of enterprise customers and our team to almost 70 people. During that time, I tested almost every marketing channel going, learnt what it meant to grow a business at lightyear speed and built a fantastic mini-agency style team with a wide range of skills to suit our business.  

Why did you join the NexBotix team? 

I was drawn to my role at NexBotix because it was a very unique opportunity. The excitement from the leadership team was infectious, they had a crystal clear vision of where we are going to take the business and I felt instantly that NexBotix will fundamentally change the way that businesses adopt automation solutions. I also saw that NexBotix truly is a customer-first company, putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. A lot of businesses claim to do this, but from my first day in the job, it was clear to me that delivering outstanding solutions for our customers was at the core of NexBotix and the decisions we make.

What excites you most about our Intelligent Automation-as-a-Service solution? 

I love the fact that NexBotix is making RPA and Intelligent Automation more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Traditionally the market has been focused on enterprise clients but we’re challenging that approach by saying there is a quicker, cheaper, more scalable way for any business to reap the endless benefits automation can offer. In practice, this means that more employees will have the mundane elements of the day-to-day jobs removed entirely, boosting productivity and ultimately their job satisfaction, which I find very rewarding. In lowering the barriers to entry with RPA or Intelligent Automation, the rate of growth we can achieve at NexBotix will be huge and I’m very excited to be a part of that. 

What’s your favourite thing about working at NexBotix? 

Our challenger mindset and our can-do, must-win attitude. The tenacity and dedication of the team is a fantastic environment to be in, albeit virtually at the moment! We’ve made some fantastic hires despite the global pandemic and the team comradery has been a lifeline during long days working from home for social creatures like me.

Where do you see the Intelligent Automation market in the next 5 years? 

I think Intelligent Automation will be entirely mainstream, implemented in every industry in most business functions. I think the acceleration of Intelligent Automation over that time period will have almost entirely transformed RPA as we know it now and NexBotix will be at the forefront of that. I also believe that automation will have percolated into our personal lives too, our CEO Chris once said to me that we’ll all have our own personal digital worker and it will be very exciting to see how that becomes a reality as the industry advances. 

What is the unique skill you bring to the NexBotix team? 

Having always been involved in startup and scaleup businesses, I know what it means to wear many hats and to hustle hard to deliver results. I love solving problems on a practical level but am also very creative which is why I’ve always been drawn to challenger brands. My combination of skills will help shape the face and voice of NexBotix, bringing the brand to life whilst gaining traction to find our new customers and ensure that they have a fantastic experience using our product and services. 

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