Invoice Processing

Our NexBots were built to take the pain out of invoice processing.

Free 4 week pilot period available now!  

Offer runs until January 2021

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The Power of Automation

Pre-configured for, and pretrained on your invoice data, our NexBots can automate any invoice in your organisation.


Cost savings
per year


Reduction in case handling time


Of documents handled without manual intervention

100 %

Audit trails of all invoices 

NexBotix Process


We start by understanding your process end-to-end and establish how we can implement our solution.

NexBotix Software

Intelligent document processing activation with OCR Machine Learning or Workflow


We connect to your document sources such as email or file server with RPA or API

Invoice Payment

Pay your invoices by connecting your Finance Systems or ERP with RPA or API

How efficient is your process?​

Manually processing invoices is time-consuming, mundane and can be prone to human error. 

Unstructured Data

Manual & time consuming

Prone to human errors

Poor legacy OCR tools

Why Choose NexBotix?

We built NexBotix to provide a faster, cheaper, more agile solution for any business who wants to reap the benefits Intelligent Automation can deliver:

Increased Savings & Higher ROI:

With low upfront costs and low management fees, for a small initial investment you can enjoy that ROI much quicker

Faster Deployment:

No more protracted implementation periods, our agile approach means we can get you live in no time

Flexible Pricing:

Our pay-as-you-go pricing model means you can manage your cost as you scale, no more hidden charges or unexpected surprises

Multi-vendor Capabilities:

If you want the freedom of using more than one RPA vendor, use NexBotix to aggregate your digital workforce in one place

Unrivalled Visibility and Control:

Data is power. Enjoy extensive data and analytics for your NexBots and your other RPA vendors via NexAnalytics

Access to Automation Experts:

We’re with you every step of the way, gain access to our smart team of experts, who’ll become an extension of your existing team