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Automated Payroll Solution

Save time and resource on complicated payroll processes with our automated solution

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Benefits of automating your Payroll Process


Bots can support with the collection of specific payroll information from different systems, the data analysis and calculations required to deliver payroll effectively, which means your employees don’t have to. 


There are many components to the payroll process which means that there are many opportunities for mistakes to be made. Our bots have a 95% accuracy rate, which means no more costly mistakes in the process

Improve Employee Experience

There’s nothing more frustrating than experiencing issues with your pay. By automating parts or all of the process, our bots can ensure your employees are paid the correct amount and on time, all of the time.

How ready are you for automation?

Take our short 4 minute survey and receive a score based on our answers. 

How does our Payroll solution work?

1. Data Retrieval

Our Bot will retrieve your payroll information from wherever you store the data like a HR system, your timesheets or a spreadsheet/ database

3. Approval

Our bots will then prompt your payroll team to review the payroll amounts and calculations before committing it to payment

2. Calculations

Our bots will then perform important calculations for gross pay, subtraction of taxes and account for corporate payment responsibilities (such as pensions, insurance,

4. Commit Payroll

Our Bots will then submit final pay requirements to either a third-party processors or it will navigate to your payroll systems and commit the funds to pay your staff.

How to get started

Our team are on hand every step of the way to guide you through the process. 

Discovery Workshop

We will host a session with your team to gain a deep understanding of your systems and current process.

Business Case & Commercials

We'll build a clear ROI focussed business case outlining the time and money you will save with our payroll processing solution

Optional Pilot Period

We'll happily build a pilot for you and your team to see how well the solution processes a specified number of documents.

Managed Service

Our team will design, build and manage your automation and you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your main point of contact

Our Blog

New to automation? Check out our blog for helpful resources and guides to getting started 

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