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Automated Bank Reconciliation Solution

Reduce costs, increase throughput and reduce errors with our automation solution for bank reconciliations

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Benefits of automating Bank Reconciliations

Reduce time spend on manual process

Reconciling the data between your finance system and your bank statements is a long and laborious process. Using software bots can reduce the time this takes by up to 85%

Reduce employee errors

Manually checking data can lead to costly errors for your business. Our software bots have an accuracy rate of 95% and your team can manually approve or amend the data they extract in the NexBotix platform

Reduce operating costs

Paying for employees to manually reconcile your accounts is an expensive overhead. Software bots can cut out this cost and you can assign your employees to a different type of task that a bot can’t perform.

How ready are you for automation?

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How does our Bank Reconciliation solution work?

1. Data Retrieval

Our bots retrieve your bank statements from an email inbox or your finance system

3. Validation

Our Bots will cross reference this extracted data from the bank statement with your finance system data to highlight discrepancies

2. Extraction

Our bots then extract all of the key data that you need using Optical Character Recognition or RPA technology

4. Reconciliation Report

Our Bots then issue a report in the NexBotix platform or in a spreadsheet to highlight outstanding payments, overdue invoices or any other banking discrepancy for the team to action.

How to get started

Our team are on hand every step of the way to guide you through the process. 

Discovery Workshop

We will host a session with your team to gain a deep understanding of your systems and current process.

Business Case & Commercials

We'll build a clear ROI focussed business case outlining the time and money you will save with our Bank Reconciliation solution

Optional Pilot Period

We'll happily build a pilot for you and your team to see how well the solution processes a specified number of documents.

Managed Service

Our team will design, build and manage your automation and you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your main point of contact

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