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Faster, more cost-effective Intelligent Automation built to scale. Designed for all businesses, of any size.

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Our Software and Service

The combination of innovative software and outstanding service is what makes the NexBotix proposition unique.  

Intelligent Automation

Market leading automation technology like AI, RPA, OCR, Workflow and Analytics 


Data and analytics dashboard to track and report on your process automation performance.

Virtual Centre of Excellence

Automation project dashboard, tracking progress from planning, through to the build, testing and final deployment.

Managed Service

Access to our team of automation experts for ongoing support with maintenance, change management, innovation and scaling. 

Software Features

NexBotix was built to make implementing Intelligent Automation fast, simple and cost effective, delivering impressive ROI quickly.


Our own consumption bots built to suit your business and processes.

Unified Multi-vendor Platform

All-in-one management of your robotic workforce via NexAnalytics.

Pre-defined automations

Gain full access to most pre-defined automations requiring little or no code to implement.


Easy access extensive dashboard and analytics, delivering a deeper, low-level view of automated process performance, capacity and ROI metrics.

Flexible hosting solutions​

Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid hosting, NexBotix is extensible, scalable and flexible to meet your needs.

Intelligent Automation​

Application of hyper-automation, RPA, OCR, Machine Learning and Orchestration to take your automation to the next level.

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