Intelligent Automation for Any Business

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve implemented automation before, NexBotix has a range of products that can work for you.

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NexBotix in Numbers

Our accessible, agile and powerful solutions deliver better ROI in significantly less time.

14 days to get you live

3-9 month ROI results

10x more efficient

30% cost savings

24/7automation activity

NexBotix Product Proposition

We believe that the future of work relies on the harmonious collaboration between human employees and robots for Enterprises and SMEs alike.

Our Intelligent Automation platform provides four key offerings:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): We deliver RPA technologies that identify high volume, repeatable processes currently being performed by your human workforce, and create automated processes that are conducted by our software robots, NexBots

Intelligent Automation (IA): We can leverage several market leading automation technologies like RPA, OCR, Machine Learning and Orchestration to make your automations even more efficient and accurate

NexAnalytics: Our powerful process analysis dashboard – making it easy to manage your entire robotic workforce and make data driven business-decisions

Managed Services: Access to our team of automation experts for ongoing support, maintenance, change management, innovation and support with scaling

Software Features

NexBotix was built to make implementing Intelligent Automation fast, simple and cost effective, delivering impressive ROI quickly.


Our own consumption bots built to suit your business and processes.

Unified Multi-vendor Platform

All-in-one management of your robotic workforce via NexAnalytics.

Pre-defined automations

Gain full access to most pre-defined automations requiring little or no code to implement.


Easy access extensive dashboard and analytics, delivering a deeper, low-level view of automated process performance, capacity and ROI metrics.

Managed Services

Gain access to experienced RPA professionals and your managed virtual Centre of Excellence.

Flexible hosting solutions

Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid hosting, NexBotix is extensible, scalable and flexible to meet your needs.

Intelligent Automation

Application of hyper-automation, RPA, OCR, Machine Learning and Orchestration to take your automation to the next level.

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